Artificial Outdoor Garden Plants

If you own an office building which can be the best example of a concrete jungle, then it's time to plan an escape of this visually familiar space. PermaLeaf® outdoor silk plants and flowers products range offers a wide variety to the customers. Our products line includes window boxes, boxwood topiary, rooftop and balconies, privacy screens, plant containers, living walls, hanging baskets, cell towers, and feature trees.

Our team is extremely proficient at producing pleasant surroundings with the help of flowers and window boxes. Our window boxes will decorate your place, and our designing will improve the experience. Our selection is available in various forms, colors, and varieties to make your landscape perfect and pleasing sight. 

Our artificial Boxwood topiary can be shaped to design the logo for your business. Many business owners prefer to showcase unique landscape applications in their outdoor premises. PermaLeaf® team of exceptionally qualified project managers and architects is assisting companies to design an area just as their personality. 

If you don't have a big outdoor area why not choose your favorite spot from balcony or rooftop to make your setting better. If you have such a place, then check our rooftop and balconies section, and you will know what you are looking for.

Likewise, checkout our privacy screens,  plant containers, living walls, hanging baskets, cell towers and feature trees to illuminate your outdoor space.

That's all