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plant containers

plant containers

Plants make for a beautiful sight in any outdoor landscape, but there is yet another element which extends this beauty into something artful and stylish – plant containers. Plant containers which are unusual or sculptural or downright whimsical can add texture and depth to your outdoor landscape. Often overlooked for their charm, plant containers are considered as something which are highly functional, and rightly so, but their ability to add to the broader architectural design foundation is neglected or underestimated. Plant containers are integral to any creative landscape and if you are looking for some innovative or bold action in your outdoor landscape, then we have a wide range of interesting containers that will go beyond the standard practice. 

There is something totally cool about some plant containers which will garner high interest in your landscape. While the plants and flowers do a great job in bringing splash of color to any space, the plant containers are known to highlight key areas of the space. If you are looking for simplicity in your outdoor space, then we have containers and pots which are extremely basic and will let your exotic plants do the talking. But, if your landscape has a theme or is based on some style then our project managers which recommend you containers that will reflect the theme and blend well with the overall setting. Right from square to round to rectangle, stylish urns to trendy riveted, woven containers to traditional pots, we have a large selection of containers which will bring an eclectic look to your landscape. 

Is your shopping mall or restaurant garden traditional? Or does it have a modern look? Is it an Asian themed space? No matter what styled outdoor space you have or want to create, we have a collection of plant containers suited for every setting. Our designers will help you build a color scheme and will create elaborate displays worthy of your brand and design. Containers and pots which will create a high-impact in your outdoor landscape, they will help add interest to the setting through the combination of their texture and boldness. 

A great way to add fun or formality, variety or minimalism, traditional or modern looks, we will help introduce plant containers in your space which will introduce the desired look, feel and long-lasting practicality in your space. Available in various styles, sizes, shapes, colors, we don’t see our containers as mere placeholders for plants. Our designers and project managers see them as sculptures which will add an artistic appeal to your outdoor landscape.