Unique Applications - Spiral Boxwood Topiary

faux boxwood topiary

faux boxwood topiary

Boxwood topiary shaped to form the logo of your business. A bamboo tree which will rise to the heights of your commercial building or maybe go beyond that. An year-round landscape full of rich and joyful Peonies and Tulips in your hardiness zone. An ever growing number of business owners are opting to introduce unique landscape elements and applications in their outdoor spaces. Our team of highly experienced project managers and designers is helping commercial spaces to create a setting according to their personality and are adapting architectural palette according to their imagination. No matter what material, colors, varieties, texture or traditions you want to bring in your outdoor landscape, just let us know what you’re thinking and our team will put it together on the ground. 

We do not believe in one size fits all. And when it comes to plants, trees and flowers nothing can be truer. Every landscape design is extremely personal waiting to tell a story. This cannot be done using the same old styles and shapes of products. Hence, we make sure that no matter what narrative you want to express through your landscape, our unique applications help you do that and engage the senses of every onlooker. 

Perfectly suited for office areas, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals or pool areas, our products bring in life and charm to the setting. Crafted using our innovative PermaLeaf® technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments, our products are inherently fade resistant. This means that you can use it outdoor without worrying about the color loss due to sun, wind, water or snow. No matter how harsh the weather is, they have been tested for color loss according to ASTM G155 and had no color loss detectable by sight after exposure to UV rays equivalent to Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona. 

Don’t let your creativity and imagination be restricted. Our team is capable of unique building and designing techniques and will create custom made applications exclusive for your setting. Whether you want a landscape designed from scratch or you want us to bring in our unique trees, plants or flowers in your existing space, we will craft innovative solutions which will make an instant style statement.