Commercial Landscape Design

landscaping designing

Looking for a conceptual landscape design to organize the outdoor space of your commercial area? Begin by sharing your vision and our expert team of professionally trained project managers will develop a feasible plan. With more than 30 years of experience in artificial landscape design using our PermaLeaf® plants and trees, we have worked on custom design projects and theme interior and exterior landscapes of all styles.

Whether you want to redesign an area or create from scratch, we can create a plan that provides a beautiful yet functional design. We have done and seen it all as a business so do not hesitate to ask for ideas or help with your project, whatever it may be.

We have a team of in-house graphic designers and landscape architects who will inspect your property, incorporate it with high quality artificial trees and plants, combine it with other aesthetics, to create a highly attractive landscape design. Your outdoor area will be digitally rendered, included with a range of presentation materials, plan designs, conceptual drawings, plant suggestions, and design notes from the architects that lay out every detail of the design.

We will provide you a draft of the design so you have a complete picture of the finished landscape. That way you can discuss it with your peers and based on that conversation we can move to finalizing the project. As we craft our own faux trees and plants, we can customize every product to fit in your environment and give you exactly what you need.

Please get in touch with us to create an exclusive outdoor design for your commercial space.